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Matrix Professional Paints

Matrix Professional Paints

Matrix Paint Systems

We use many different paints and formulas due to the vast array of materials on vehicles ranging from plastics to metals to composites. Each material has it's own characteristics and paint requirements. Plastics need flexible paint while metals can use many different paints. We will color match to your factory or aftermarket paint job. Matrix is one premium line of paint we use.

PPG Professional Paints
PPG Paint Systems

PPG is another grade of paint used upon application or request.

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Matrix Certified, PPG Certified

Mobile Worksite Requirements
We are fully equipped. The major need at any jobsite is electricity and a clean area that the vehicle can remain for the duration of the repairs. We have onboard power in our Van, however to plug in is better. A vehicle cannot be sucessfully painted in an extremely dirty environment without debris so the area should be concrete, asphault or such. Weather will permit repairs also. Those few days a year where San Diego has rain are not acceptable conditions for painting. Painting during high winds are not advised either. In the event of these or like occurances, painting will need to be rescheduled to a more ideal time and/or environment. We do not leave any materials behind. Concrete and other surfaces are covered as well as vehicles within a close proximity of painting.
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Mobile worksite requirements
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